07 Juni 2010

Content Social Media Affects Job Search

If you had to seek jobs must have the cover letter and CV are satisfactory, the appropriate qualifications, and greater access to information on job opportunities, so this time, there is an additional thing that also should be noted, that social media content which ever published for the public.

Why might this case could be an important one that must be considered? A study conducted by CareerBuilder.com shows that the more the company reached out to social media to perform background checks on prospective employees. 45% of the company looks of social media as one way of considerations or screening for prospective employees. An increase of 100% a year, the previous year only 22% of companies that do this.

What about in Indonesia?

Probably the same thing does not happen in Indonesia. There isn’t significant number of human resource department that willing to check social media background. Most still feel enough to do it with the aid of references that are included in the cover letter. However, given the networking site users in Indonesia even that keep increasing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube) It’s only the matter of time until HRD began searching the names of prospective employees on Facebook to learn more about these candidates. The study also stated that unfortunately, most of job seekers tend to ignore their social media content.

From Company’s Point of View
Some of the reasons that make management reluctant to hire prospective employees because of their social media content, among others are :

  • Candidate posts the content about drinking or using drugs.
  • Candidate makes a bad comment about the company where he previously worked.
  • Candidate makes a comment of discriminatory or racisms
  • Candidate lies about his qualifications.
  • Candidate posts the information from the company where he once worked.

So, what should you do?

If you are in the process of looking for work you only need to consider a few things to show the positive reputation of the virtual world, including:

  • Watch your online photo album in Facebook, or elsewhere. Delete photos that could damage your reputation.
  • Don’t exhibit negative things to the outside world. Focus on the positive things, both related to the world of professional and personal.
  • Try to create a special group for your profession or join professional groups that exist in the FB or other media. This is one way to create relationships with leaders, recruiter or other professions.
  • Selective in accepting friends. Just because people to add you as a friend does not mean you should always approve it. You never know who behind the name on FB or Twitter.
  • If you are still working or bounding by certain companies, do not expose your career search in cyberspace. It is not impossible management where you are working now knows it and it can be a minus value for your loyalty.

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