24 Juni 2010

More about the Olfactory Grass

Blooms from April to June. Inflorescence a 2-8 cm long, yellow bloom with aarpluim spikelets. The bottom two, gradually acuminate kelkkafjes are bald or slightly hairy, and usually have a small spine in the extension of the dot rugnerf. The lower kelkkafje is 4 mm and the upper 4.4 mm long. The second pair of standing above it, 3.4 mm long kelkkafjes are hairy and have a rugnaald. The lower 1.9 mm long husk is blunt, hollow, and encloses the upper 1.8 mm long husk completely. The two anthers are 3 to 4.5 mm long.

The fruit is a fruit crop.

The plant is native to moist, nutrient-poor soil in grassland Fri, light deciduous forests, swamps and dune valleys.

The toffee-like aroma develops only in older plants. Ingestion of too much Coumadin can cause problems with breathing and the cardiovascular system. Too much Coumadin can even lead to heart failure.

Traditionally, the dried stalks used as flavoring for beverages and bowls. It was also used in tobacco and herbal pillows.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gewoon_reukgras

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