30 Juni 2010

Gloriosa is a genus of tuberous plants

Gloriosa (plant)
Gloriosa is a genus of tuberous plants, deciduous and herbaceous perennials that includes five species in the family Colchicáceas. They are distributed in tropical Asia and Africa and adapted to monsoon climates, with a dry season in losing the air and enter dormancy. Glorioso is sometimes called lily or lily escalating.

Gloriosa climb or binds to other plants with the aid of tendrils at the end of its leaves can reach 3 m in height. Red or orange flowers, distinctive because of its petals reflecting sharply. G. rothschildiana is the national flower of Zimbabwe and was also Rhodesia.

The most common cultivated species are G. and G. superba rothschildiana.

Common Name
* English: climbing lily, creeping lily, fire lily, flame lily, lily loriosa, glory lily

* Maori (Cook Islands): rire vaevae-moa, riri, riri vavai-moa, riri Vavi-moa, moa vavai

* Rakahanga-Manihiki: tiare mokora

* Tongareva (speech): lili vaevae Mokolo

* Tongareva (written): riri vaevae mokorā
Source: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloriosa_(planta)

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