23 Juni 2010

Uses of Butea monosperma

Economically significant is the cultivation of lac for the production of the raw material for shellac. To manage plantagenähnliche held stocks, in which trees from one trunk diameter 15 to 20 centimeters (BHD) can be used 15-20 years. The trees are cut back twice a year to harvest the Lackabsonderungen the lice and stimulate new growth. Once harvested, the lac resolved by the branches washed, melted and made into crude shellac.

The wood (trade name: Dhak) is easy to harvest, the durability of the weather is only about five months, but under water much longer. When timber is suitable for a cheap board material for the construction of wells and shafts. The wood can be processed into good quality charcoal, which is suitable for gunpowder manufacture.

The exiting liquid hardened bark injury to a ruby red, glass-like substance, known as Bengal Kino. It can be used as a dye for wool, leather, burgundy or port wine, and serves as a substitute for Malabar, which is obtained from Pterocarpus marsupium. Bengali cinema is about 70% tannin and about 20% of rubber and other soluble substances.

The Bengali cinema is used in folk medicine as a remedy for various forms of chronic constipation or astringent. All other parts of the tree are used in folk, such as the crushed seeds as a vermifuge.

In various types of Hindu temple gardens of the Malabar lacquer tree symbolizes different religion major celestial objects. In the "Star Forest" in which 27 stars or star formations by bushes or trees are symbolized and are positioned according to the position in the night sky, is the Malabar lacquer tree for the star Theta Leonis from the Leo constellation. His position is oriented roughly north-east. In the "nine-planet-temple forest" represents the Malabar lacquer tree the moon in the "zodiac sign-forest", it stands for the constellation Cancer.

The leaves are used as fodder for buffaloes and elephants. They are also used as a base for serving food.

From the root bark can be obtained fibers to produce rough ropes or for sealing boats.

Due to the numerous and beautiful colored flowers of the Malabar lacquer tree is used as ornamental.
Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malabar-Lackbaum

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