22 Juni 2010

Important ingredients and effect

Important ingredients and effect
The plant produces many alkaloids. The seeds contain mainly Delphinine (the aconitine similar) and smaller amounts Staphisin and fatty oil. Above ground plant components also contain the diterpene alkaloids and derivatives of Isoatizin Atisins and Azitin, Neolin and Chasmanin and derivatives.

Lethal doses of Delphinine respiratory paralysis and cardiac arrest have resulted after clonic convulsions and paralysis. Animal poisoning of this kind are not uncommon.

Cultural History

The ancient Greeks (5th century BC) and Hippocrates used the plant as an emetic. In the old herbals, the toxic substances of the seeds to kill head lice and other parasites were used. In addition, the ingredients have been used to cure toothache, warts and itching skin.

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephanskraut

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