22 Juni 2010


The Milchlattiche (Cicerbita) are a genus in the family Asteraceae (Asteraceae). They are herbaceous plants, their flowers resemble those of Chicory.


These are annual, biennial or perennial plants, the one-meter height, can sometimes achieve more. The plants run latex.

The secondary roots arise from the rhizome. Most species of the genus are hemicryptophytes shaft, that is, the overwintering buds are at the surface and form a long stem. This stem is unbranched at the bottom, above, in the inflorescences, he branches out.

The stem is always filled with hair. The lower leaves are usually large and pinnatifid with a triangular terminal lobe, which is significantly larger than the side lobes. The leaf margins are toothed.

The flowers are in terminal baskets together, they turn in clusters or panicles. The individual baskets are surrounded by two rows of bracts, the outer series are shorter. The bracts surrounding the wider inflorescence axis (this always glabrous) on which the individual flowers are arranged in turn.

The flowers consist of four circles (sepals, petals, androecium and gynoecium), they are five parts and hermaphroditic (at least the flowers in the center of the inflorescence, which can also be purely external female). There are found different colors: yellow, blue or white flowers. There are only ray florets present, they are zygomorph.

The scale-like sepals are reduced. The petals are fused to the bottom of a tube, the upper part is a tongue-band or extended and will end with five teeth. The five stamens have free stamens, but the anthers are grown together and surround the ring-shaped stylus. The inferior ovary is composed of two carpels, the only pen is divided into two deep.

The fruits are spindle-shaped achenes, they wear a white pappus. The fruits have on the outside along a three running routes. The pappus consists of two circles: an inner and an outer made of hair from short lashes. The fruits are not beaked (unlike the similar genus Lactuca).

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milchlattiche

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