21 Juni 2010

Crocus tommasinianu

Elven Krokus
The Crocus (Crocus tommasinianus) or Dalmatian Crocus is a plant of the genus Crocus (Crocus) in the family of the Iris family (Iridaceae).

The Elf crocus is a perennial herbaceous plant that plant height 7-17 cm reached. This geophytes formed tubers than Überdauerungsorgane. The basal leaves are parallelnervig.

The hermaphroditic, threefold flower has a diameter 2-3 mm. The six bracts are conformation. The Perigonzipfel are 25-45 mm long, 80-20 mm wide, one color (pale) violet to purple, the outside is often lighter, and they are not striped. The throat is white and scattered hairy.

The flowering period extends from February to March.

The Elf crocus comes in southern Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria in fresh summer green deciduous forests and shady banks of rock at altitudes of (300) 1000 to 1,500 meters. This species is usually found on limestone. In Western and Central Europe it has been naturalized as Stinsenpflanze.

The Elf crocus is distributed as an ornamental plant in flowering groups, borders, rock gardens and parks used. The species is at least since 1847 in culture. There are several varieties with different flower colors, including purple, lavender with white tips or white.
Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crocus_tommasinianus

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