28 Juni 2010

The Red Fescue Grass

Red fescue (Festuca rubra) is a plant which belongs to the grass family (Poaceae Gramineae ie: both names are allowed). Simply red fescue and "fine fescue foothills" are widely used for the construction of lawns. Red fescue is highly resistant to both shade and grows well on clay as on poor, dry sandy soil. On clay just can bents crowd.

The leaves of vegetative shoots was more or less flat or rolled and 0.6 to 1.3 mm wide. On the leaf veins are usually five in addition to the two edges are very weak veins. The leaf sheath is usually hairy and the tongue is about 0.2 mm wide.

Fescue blooms in May with a feather-shaped inflorescence. The approximately 17 mm long spikelets have five to seven flowers with unequal kelkkafjes. The longest kelkkafje is approximately 6 mm and the shortest 4 mm long. The lower husk (lemma) is 5-8 mm long and has a 3 mm long Awn. The stamen has pale yellow or purple, 4.5 mm long helmet boxes. The fruit is a fruit crop.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rood_zwenkgras

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