25 Juni 2010

More about the Butterfly Bush


The bottom of the woody shrubs and woody parts give no flowers, the shrub should be pruned each year so. Pruning should be in the spring after the frost period (in April), the butterfly bush is best pruned to about 50 cm above the ground. Global warming, new nodes are formed from the branches later this year will bear flowers. Pruning promotes the condition of the butterfly bush, pruning, every year. The last spikes must be in the fall the shrub leave because the match against the plant from frost. If the plant is not pruned, the woody shrub, and only high bloom. The B. globosa and B. alternifolia their blooms in June-July or two-and multi-wood, little should be pruned. It is best only some of the older branches removed after flowering.

The propagation of the butterfly bush is by cuttings or seed, the tree produces many seeds but the increase from this seed is not easy. Cuttings is easy, insert the tips of branches cut off (after the pruning) in spring in moist soil, the tops should be about 20 inches long. The branches root easily, probably rooted cuttings in the same year a sturdy branches with flowers develop. Stek promotes rooting powder but not really necessary. Cuttings can also take the summer by a branch just under two leaf eye to cut the branch with leaves in the wet ground crossed eyes. Even now meets airy humus rich soil.

For every garden is a butterfly bush. They come in all colors and shapes. A lovely pink variety is B. davidii 'Pink Delight' which can be quite broad and solid. The flower plumes are thick. 'Black Knight' is a dark purple flowering butterfly bush that is growing thinner, more high than wide. When planting a white flowering butterfly bush (eg 'White Profusion') will have to be priced in the portion of the plumes that is rather faded (brown) contrasts with the still flowering being portion.

If you are looking pretty solitary not too high, it could opt for B. daviddii var. nanhoensis. "Nanho Blue 'and' Nanho Purple 'are the most famous races. They are up about 1.50 m high. The leaves are narrower and more silver than the larger butterfly bushes and "better" spread across the bush, so they have a somewhat more refined case. In recent years, more and more smaller butterfly bushes for sale also good in one (large) jar can. Known representatives 'Dwarf Blue' and 'Peacock' (dark pink).

Alien Species

The butterfly bush is native to China, South Africa, the Himalayas, Chile, Argentina, Peru and parts of North America.

In Europe we find the tree in gardens and on brownfield sites in and around major cities, here is the wild and exotic plants. In some countries the bush regarded as weeds. The shrub can be quite good against a breeze, and can therefore godsend for people who live not far from the coast.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vlinderstruik

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