24 Juni 2010

Geranium flowers

The flowers are individually rare, usually in pairs. The flower usually grows on a long stalk. This allows the geraniums in their natural habitats as an equal to most others, as high-growing plants from which they are surrounded in this manner and ensure their pollination. The hermaphroditic, but somewhat flower is five parts. The five green, free, and often hairy petals are always true to a projecting point. You close one of the first flower bud. When developing after pollination of the flower of the fruit larger, the sepals and protect the approach for the large fruit. The five free petals are nailed in some species. The color of the petals of Geranium species ranges from white to pink and purple to a bright blue. Many types and varieties of a distinct texture of the petals can be seen. There are two circles, each with five stamens present, they are all fertile, the other genera of the family is a part of the stamens reduced to staminodes. The edges of the stamens are hairy. Most five nectaries of the disc, alternating with the petals rarely are they united into a ring. Five carpels are fused into a oberständigen ovary. The style ends in five scars.

Floral formula: \ star K_ (5) \; C_5 \, A_ (5 +5) \, G_ (\ underline ((5)))

Every single Blütenkronblatt is in contrast to the sepal the vast number of species at the end rounded. The flowers form on the other hand can vary by type. When the flowers of the forest-bill stork is disk flowers, the flowers in the form of leaves and debris on places growing Ruprecht herb is known however as a funnel flowers. Accordingly, different insects involved in pollination. The flowers in the forest with the stork's beak easily accessible nectar are visited by hoverflies, bees and butterflies. To reach the nectar of the Ruprecht Krauts on the other hand only langrüsselige bees and butterflies.

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storchschn%C3%A4bel

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