20 Juni 2010

The Harlequin Plant

The Harlequin (Anacamptis morio, Synonym: Orchis morio) is an orchid. It is a legally protected plant in the Netherlands on the Dutch Red List of plants is a very rare and very much reduced in number. The plant is found in southern and central Europe. In the Netherlands, the plant mainly on the islands.

The plant is 8-30 cm high. The unspotted leaves are light green and lanceolate. The lower leaves are arranged in a rosette. The upper stem leaves are comprehensive.

Harlequin flowers in the Netherlands in late April to early May and sometimes again in autumn with relatively sparse spike, up to ten flowers. The flower is variable in color from dark purple to pink or white. The track is horizontal or pointing slightly upwards and shorter than the ovary. The sepals and petals form a large helmet. The lateral sepals green veins, which can recognize the plant. The lip has three lobes. Midlobe sit on a number of dark purple spots.

The plant is found in moist, nutrient-poor soil layer Fri grassland.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harlekijn_%28plant%29

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