21 Juni 2010

Spanish Sorrel

Spanish sorrel (Rumex scutatus) is a plant belonging to the knotweed family (Polygonaceae). The species is on the Dutch Red List of plants as very rare and stable or slightly increased.

The plant is 10-50 cm high. The spear-shaped, blue-green leaves are about as long as broad.

Spanish sorrel blooms from May to August. The species is dioecious, which means that male and female plants. The female flowers are initially only the stamps, but later grow into the fruit bloemdekslippen valves. The outer bloemdekslippen are not totally beaten back. The 5-6 mm long fruit valves have no scale or lump at the base of the midrib. The fruit is shorter than the fruit valves.

The plant in the Netherlands mainly along the major rivers in places such as stone walls and cribs.

The leaves are rich in vitamin C and calcium.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaanse_zuring

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