29 Juni 2010

The tansy Ecology & Uses

The Tansy is a perennial, evergreen Halbrosettenpflanze. The flowers are in vorweibigen rayless "basket of flowers." All flowers are visited plenty of insects of all types.

The fruits are wind-and animal shakers, and water detention propagation is possible. Vegetative reproduction occurs abundantly through underground runners (Kriechwurzler).

It is scorned by the grazing animals.

Use as an aromatic plant
The strongly scented leaves and flowers of tansy, which include insect agents were sown earlier to vermin away. In colonial North America was tansy placed in coffins and shrouds were impregnated with Reinfarnextrakt. Tansy has also been planted in order to distribute the potato beetle. According to a survey by the Colorado beetle infestation was reduced by 60-100%. Dried Rainfarnblätter be used in apiculture to calm the bees.

Use in herbal medicine
In the ancient writings of the tansy is not found. The first written records found in the Capitulare of Charlemagne . Tansy was formerly used for worm infections, however, call forth greater quantities than 1-3 grams of tansy poisoning, so that today in the case of worm infections to other, more effective and less harmful means recourse. Spread was its use against pests. A washing should expel fleas and head lice. In veterinary medicine, the tea calves and cows will be given for diarrhea. As a poultice to help tansy in bruises, rheumatism and varicose veins. The foliage may cause skin irritation. Rainfarnöl is a strong poison, the internal applications are not safe because they can cause allergies and poisoning.

Tansy as dye plants
The Tansy is also used as dye plants. The flower heads of tansy combine with the mordant alum a dark yellow color. For the stain 12-20 g alum are made to 100 g wool. Dark green is the color with a Alaunvorbeize, ferrous sulfate and ammonia Nachbeize developer. It takes about 400 grams of fresh flowers for 100 g of wool.

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainfarn
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