06 Juli 2010

Something About Black Friday

The Thanksgiving Day (in English, Thanksgiving, thanking literally) is a traditional celebration of the United States and Canada. In the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, although it was originally made last Thursday.

In Canada, meanwhile, held the second Monday in October. Usually in this festival come together around a table family and friends to share a feast. Although religious in origin, is considered a secular holiday.

Traditions in the United States

Family Dinner

Most people in the United States celebrate this holiday with family gatherings in their homes where they prepare a feast. In many homes it is common to offer a prayer of thanks.

The traditional main dish for dinner is a great roast turkey or baked. This turkey is traditionally served with a filling made of cornbread and sage. It is traditionally served with a jelly or cranberry sauce.

Besides vegetable dishes are often served as the green beans (green beans, green beans), sweet potatoes (yams) and mashed potatoes (potatoes) with gravy, a sauce made from the juice of turkey is often served also a variety of desserts, pumpkin pie being the most popular. It is also common to prepare the pecan pie and apple juice.

Parade in Manhattan

Annually, the department store chain Macy's made a big parade through the streets of Manhattan, New York, which attracts millions of people to Broadway to see the huge giant balloons and witness the performances of guest artists.

Top of the shopping season

Most businesses and offices are closed on this day. Some stores, malls, restaurants and bars stay open. The Friday following the holiday is traditionally the opening of the holiday shopping season.

This day is known as Black Friday. Stores and shops all offer bargain prices and great people come from the early hours of the day shopping.

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