16 Juli 2010

Negotiating Salary Tips

By Stephen Cohen

For someone who is employed one of the hardest things to do is trying to negotiate their salary. Many people are afraid to confront their boss about a possible pay raise and have no idea as to how to approach the issue. And, once they do get a chance to talk about their pay they do not know how to effectively make a case for a salary hike.

Understanding how to properly and effectively negotiate your salary is an important aspect of your job. Sometimes you can not just wait for the next pay raise, and you need to confront the issue This article should help you with some tips on negotiating your salary.

A very common mistake that many people make when trying to speak with their boss about their salary is that they are unrealistic with their requests. You can not try and increase your salary by some ridiculous amount because you feel you deserve it. You have to be reasonable with your requests. Understand where you are with in the company and try to work from a reasonable stand point when asking for a pay increase.

If you are going to ask for a raise then you need to have something to prove what you are worth. For people who are just being hired you should bring in proof of your salary from a previous job. This shows your future boss what you were being paid and that you are not just making numbers up.
If you are asking for a raise then bring in some form of performance goals that you have met or things that you have done to go above and beyond your daily workload. Do not expect to go to your boss and ask for a raise just because you want one or feel like you deserve it. You need to have reasonable proof that shows you are worthy of the next level.

You are going to need to need to be flexible. Expecting a direct raise in your base salary may not be realistic, but if you look at other ways to increase your overall compensation then you may get more out of your negotiations. Instead of just concentrating on a higher salary, maybe think about getting some form of bonus or an increase in your health insurance plans. This may make it easier on the company, in a cost effective way, to help both you and the company out.

Going to your boss and simply asking for a raise is going to be tough to do. One way to possibly grab his or her attention is to come up with some form of performance goals for yourself. This way the company will see a benefit from your hard work and you can be rewarded.

These are all great ways to approach your boss next time you look for a raise. The most important part is being prepared and being realistic.
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