28 September 2010

Secretary's Role

Etymologically, the secretary or the secretary comes from the word 'secret' meaning secret or private. From the meaning of its constituent words are then created an operational definition that refers to someone who is entrusted to a private or personal matter. On a broader scope, the definition of the secretary and then adjusted to the task performed both for individuals, businesses, civil society and community. M. Braum and Ramon from Portugal, secretary defines as:

"An assistant to a chief of WHO takes dictation, prepares correspondence, receivers visitors, checks or Engagements of his official appointments, and performs many duties related That increase is the effectiveness of the chief."

But besides working on clerical tasks, the role of secretary in the companies it is often far exceed that. A secretary is sometimes also acts as his boss's right hand. Not only must perform the function in but also outside. He not only should be responsible and take care of all the needs of leaders and companies, but also must appear on the front lines to keep the image of a company or organization.

Judging from the structural enterprise, the position of secretary is looking beyond the level of management or decision makers. But in reality very great influence in the political secretary to the company because he was very close to the circle of power. He knows all the secrets of the company because it is always involved in the execution of operations. Even the secretary sometimes it can take over the boss in decision-making or supervising the running of the company if the leader was not in the office.

Seeing a pretty broad responsibilities, of course it takes a person who has technical expertise and a certain personality to a degree for a professional secretary. Adequate administrative capability necessary to do routine tasks that are a lot of paperwork associated with the form letters and important documents. Mastery of technology tools and computer applications is required in order expedite and facilitate all matters which had been completely computerized.

As a bridge between leaders and subordinates or outside parties, a secretary should be able to absorb all the information to then be submitted to the parties entitled to receive it. Therefore, the ability to communicate is a key skill in playing the role as a 'funnel' leadership. Expertise in foreign languages like English is absolutely required to support all forms of relations with outsiders, especially foreigners. In fact, mastery of other foreign languages were also sometimes be a demand for the creation of a broader relationship with the various parties.

In addition to hard skills above, the personality of a secretary also participated in a good or bad influence on the management of a company's image because of his role which often doubles as a public relations. Prajudi Atmosudirjo in his book entitled Fundamentals of Business Administration (Business Administration) says that a good secretary should have a nature-friendly, sympathetic, charming, capable of dealing with all kinds of people, kominikatif, cooperative and polite. In their work, he should be careful, honest, skillful, initiative, and a quick thinker. In terms of appearance secretary should look smart, professional, interesting but still polite. Because of his job so much, he must have mentally tough, do not stress easily and quickly surrendered.

Seeing the qualifications secretary is a very complex, it is no wonder that this profession more occupied by women. During this time, the profession is still associated as secretary of women's work. This is because the secretary job requires precision, tidiness, friendliness, and flexibility in serving and communicating that is identical to the female personality. Negative assessment of the profession during the secretary who, it often appears that the secretary of the capitalize enough beauty also supposed to dieliminisir, because the secretary must also have the ability and competence are good also.

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