24 September 2010

Make the Most of Life at Work

By Elizabeth Hanink

I will learn something new for my job every day. Start with something simple: a new word, a new tool, a new map. Or, if you are ambitious, set a larger goal but break it down into small chunks. Say you want to learn a new computer application. Get the manual or instructions and do a page a day. Help yourself along by keeping a note card that lists each day’s item.

I will live within my income. This is such a no-brainer and yet so difficult. Each slip up makes it harder because the interest on all credit eventually comes from our income. Small works best. Not, “I will forgo buying clothes for a year,” more like, “I will not spend on anything discretionary until this month’s bills are paid.” Discretionary includes movies, lattes, clothes, getaways, eating out and the like. You know the drill.

I will, through attitude and action, make the workplace a better place to be. The sky’s the limit here, but start with eliminating snarky remarks and move on to helpful actions. Anticipate rather than wait to be nagged. Clean up. Come in early or stay late once in a while without making it a federal case. Overlook slights and resist requests only when they are truly unreasonable.

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