23 September 2010

Great Part-Time Jobs With Discounts

By Careerbuilder.com

Extra cash and work experience are two great reasons to pick up a part-time job. But the employee discount never hurts.

Employee discounts are all but expected in some industries -- retail being a prime example. According to a poll by Maritz Research, 89 percent of people looking for retail employment want their companies to offer discounts on its products or services.

Employers have even started offering employee discounts to the general public. In 2005, Ford, Chrysler and GM all offered all of America the chance to cash in on the discounted automobile rates paid by their employees.

"(Offering employee discounts) definitely improves retention," says Bob Schiff, senior vice president of YouDecide, a company that helps employers provide voluntary benefits and discounts for their workers. Schiff says that after his company puts all of an employer's benefits on one portal on its HR intranet, "it increases intranet traffic by 300 to 400 percent."

Even colleges and universities have gotten into the game. Duke University, for example, offers its employees everything from discounted cars to cheaper salon services, gym memberships and foreign language classes.

Not all companies advertise their discounts, so to get more information on a company's incentives, your best bet may be to talk to current and former employees or read online message boards. But here are a few hints for finding employment that will bring you more than just a paycheck:

If you're a fashionista...

Consider a job in retail. Most stores encourage their employees to wear their apparel at work, so they offer hefty discounts to their workers. Gap, for example, reportedly offers employee discounts ranging from 30 to 50 percent at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic.

If you're a caffeine junkie...

Consider a job as a barista, where you can get your caffeine fix both at work and out of the office. At Starbucks, for instance, you get free drinks while working, and employees get to bring home a pound of coffee each week!

If you're a jet-setter...

Look for open positions at an airline. Beginning on their first day of employment, employees of Southwest Airlines get unlimited free flights, as long as there is space available on the plane. Southwest also has discounted travel arrangements with other carriers.

If you're a foodie...

Consider working for a grocery store, where you can stock up on all your recipe ingredients for cheap. Trader Joe's gives all employees a 10 percent discount and Publix Supermarkets offers premium pay for working Sundays or holidays.

If you're a movie nut...

Consider a job at a movie theater or video rental company. Blockbuster reportedly offers its employees free DVD rentals -- enough to satisfy nearly any movie lover.

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