04 Oktober 2010

Boss, Do You Lead Meetings That It Effective?

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Boss, you must have held the meeting, one of the important activities are generally carried out in a corporation or organization. Meetings are held on a regular basis as well as incidental is an opportunity for you as a leader to communicate all the latest developments in the company, monitor the latest developments in your team's performance and discuss the solutions for problems that arise in a team. In theory, meetings can also be aplace to create creative ideas, a place to resolve conflicts that can not be negotiated via email, phone or memos, and effective way to convey a sense of meaning and purpose because 55% is shown with facial expressions and non-signal verbal (Research Dr. Albert Mehrabian).

But the benefits and positive things can only be obtained if you are planning, directing and follow up the meeting effectively. Meetings that are unable to decide or to produce anything are activities that waste time and will not motivate your team members.

There are tips that can help you to lead and follow up effectively for meeting the goals and objectives can be achieved:

1. Invite employees really interested. Make sure every participant is an employee whose work has links with the objective and meeting agenda.

2. Inform the meeting agenda. When inviting members of the team, to convey a clear agenda for the meeting so they can prepare themselves well. Thus the participants were ready with material meeting so that time spent in meetings could be more effective.

3. Write on whiteboard or read the meeting agenda. Written it would be better because there are 'markers' that can be seen all the people who remind you and the participants at the meeting started out from the original plan. This is to direct the participants and you to stay on the 'path' which is true to the meeting discussion.

4. Open meetings to evaluate the goals, achievements and activities that have been done so far. This will remind every member of your team's achievement and the 'promises' that have not achieved their targets. Praise and remind those who have reached the target for maintaining their performance. Briefly remind employees who miss deadlines or targets for more boost their performance. If you need to schedule a meeting immediately to discuss problems and solutions such deadlines.

5. Try to keep it short. Meeting will not be effective if it lasts too long. Because that's important to stay keep the discussion remains on its agenda. You do not have to always be serious and put the face of 'tense', but when you throw expense, make sure it is not protracted.

6. Involve everyone. Do not let any of you lead the meeting participants was so bored or fall asleep waiting for presentation to nodding off. Encourage lively discussions and allow each participant to express ideas about information, ideas or responses other meeting participants. Let the differences of opinion present in the meeting.

7. Write down any ideas or input from each participant at the meeting whiteboard. This will give the impression that as leaders meeting every opinion you value your employees. Seeing the writing on the board their opinions and views of others also will encourage other participants to take part in brainstorming ideas or suggestions. It is highly expected especially if you lead the meeting is expected to give birth brainstorming fresh ideas.

8. Do not forget to prepare the minutes. Each meeting in the office should be created for the minutes or minute meeting. In addition to functioning as documentation, minutes of the evidence to follow up the resolution of these meetings in future. Keep the short form and results-oriented as agreed by the meeting participants, not a conversation that everyone in the meeting.

Meeting rooms are often become the arena for you to train your leadership, so faithful.

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